Scope of Exhibits

Elevators & Escalators

Ships Lifts
Sidewalk Lifts
Mine Hoists
Lift Platforms & Walkways
Turnkey Elevator Plants & Parts
Hydraulic Systems & Components
Home and Apartment Elevators
Garage and Parking Elevators
Elevators and Lifts for Invalids
Elevators without Machine Rooms
Panoramic Elevators
Passenger Lifts
Freight Elevators
Service Elevators
Hospital Elevators
Small Store Lifts
Attached Lifts 17

Components & Accessories

Controller Components
Door drives and Related Accessories
Designer Cabins
Hoists Ropes
Trailing Cables
Sound & PA Systems
Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency Inverter
Push Buttons, Car Operating
Landing Operating Panels
Scrolling Indicator
Testing Instruments
Infra-Red Light Curtains
Speed Governor, Guide Rails
Mechanical Fabrication
Safety and Security Systems
Automated Doors
Air Conditioning
Ventilation Systems
Traction Machines


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